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This is a Wiki dedicated to the talented Aminizle/Aminizles and his "Bros" who make videos on Youtube about the game League of Legends. Along with his comrades Laiwizl, Yther, Bmariuz, McWoodzor, Sypueria, Tainz, Ashecroft and Neo, he aims to bring some quality content for those that love Summoner's Rift, with some hilarity thrown in on the side. Now, we have just one question left to ask: 

Are you ready to join the family?

Stuff you might need to know

Hi, here you will find diffrent kinds of facts about his fanbase and other stuff. Remember this is a WIP (Work In Progress) wiki that shall be continued develope and update plenty of times. See you on one these pages. :)

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Latest activity

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Aminizle and the bros always welcome new members to the family!